Walter’s Boda Boda Tour of Kampala

Walter's Boda Boda Tours

Looking for a way to combine danger and tourism? Aren’t we all? Then be sure to check out Walter Fahd’s boda boda tours of Kampala. Having used Walter, the unofficial mzungu boda taxi-man many a time back from a night out, he finally convinced me to take his enterprising city tour of Kampala.

Our tour started off a bit late due to rain and an incident with a boda driver’s helmet being crushed by oncoming traffic on the way to pick us up (!?) so I, and my group of fellow adventurers, decided to do a bit of a condensed version of the tour. This included a visit to the Gadaffi Mosque in Old Kampala, (boasting some of the best views of the city from its minaret), trips to the two main churches of Kampala – Namirembe (Protestant) and Rubaga (Catholic) – on their respective hills where Walter filled us in on Uganda’s history from the first Kabaka (Buganda King) to present day.

Having covered the major religions, we then headed to the Kabaka’s palace on Mengo Hill which is also home to Idi Amin’s infamous torture chamber – three small chambers surrounded by electrified water that were used by both Amin and Obote to dispose of any unwanted opposition, or in Amin’s case anyone smarter or stronger than him. A somber site, but explained very well by the resident guide at the palace.

Prices for Walter’s tours vary range from 38,000 to 80,000 UGX depending on the size of your party and whether you want the ‘delux trip’. For this he’ll provide you with transport (yup that would be the boda boda) and a full history of Kampala and its key sites of interest. Prices of entrance to sites are not included and will set you back about 20,000 UGX on top of the original price (and another 10,000 UGX if you decide to visit the recently burned down Kasubi tombs as well – probably not worth it.)

After this, half of our party peeled off to brave the old taxi park in downtown Kampala in the search of African fabrics while the rest ended the day with a trip to the Bahai temple (the only one of its kind in Africa) surrounded by what is probably the best green space in Kampala. Other options for the tour include a visit to a traditional witch doctor and a stop at the craft market.

And if you haven’t had enough of Walter by the end of the day you can also take his night tour of Kampala which, as far as I could gather, involved going out partying with Walter – possibly the best business idea ever invented!

For more information (or just a reliable boda driver) you can contact Walter on…

Phone: 0791880106
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