The Bay

The Bay

This is one of Kampala’s newer additions to the food scene (having opened in March) – located right next to Speke resort and with views right over Lake Victoria it’s definitely a prime spot.

I went there for Sunday lunch after having read about it on the expat Facebook page and decided to stop by on my way to spend a day on the beach in Entebbe. Thankfully we managed to actually go on a day, in the rainy season, that was gloriously sunny which I took as an immediate good omen. Unfortunately we turned up at 12.45 to find the gates locked and on phoning the South African owner found out the kitchen doesn’t open until 1pm for lunch! Luckily, however, she proceeded to pull up behind us in her jeep and let us in, after warning us not to get out of the car due to the huge and aggressive dog…which turned out to be a jack russel…

The Bay is definitely a beautiful building in a spectacular spot. It has both indoor and outdoor seating including a private dining room that was all laid-up and looked particularly swanky. It also has a firepit with lounge chairs surrounding which no doubt makes for a lovely sunset and evening spot, so I definitely cant fault it for setting and décor.

Menu includes pizzas (between 20-30,000 UGX), burgers (25-28,000 UGX), salads including the thai beef which I had, and was delicious with proper hearty slices of medium rare steak in it (26,000 UGX) and a selection of meat and fish dishes including chicken cordon bleu, fillet steak, Durban lamb curry (40,000) and fish and chips (25,000 UGX).

One friend had the deluxe burger, deluxe apparently because it has Gorgonzola cheese on it, and when asked for his feedback he said, I quote: ‘it’s the best burger I’ve had in Kampala’. My boyfriend Liam, being a serious meat fanatic, went for the steak, which was a sizeable hunk of meat with an amazing béarnaise sauce (so good I was tempted to ask for a tub just to take home) and fried potatoes.

We also finished with a pretty decadent chocolate brownie (to share, lets not go crazy – it was only lunch time!) which was quite small and a bit nutty for my taste but nevertheless very tasty with big lumps of white chocolate in. Their desserts are all on a specials board with such favourites as banoffee pie and apple crumble.

The wine list has glasses of house red and white available for 10,000 UGX and then bottles from around 40,000 UGX. Beers are cheaper – around 5,000 UGX and sodas at a pretty standard restaurant mark-up of 3,000 UGX.

My only criticism…prices aren’t cheap, so for those of you not on a UN or diplomatic salary its will definitely need to be reserved for special occasions/visits from wealthy relatives. That and the fact we had to wait 45 minutes for anyone to take our order and a slight issue with being shortchanged at the end!

For people into fishing the Bay also offers fishing trips out on their private boat (around US$ 450 for 4 people for the day) with one option being coming back and cooking your catch of the day up in the restaurant, cant get more fresh than that!

Hours: 11am – 3pm (kitchen opens at 1pm) & 5pm – 11pm
Phone: 0783 253 202


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