Pardis Kampala

Pardis is a charming Middle Eastern restaurant in a peaceful, less-busy area of Kololo. In fact, “pardis”, by its very definition, means “paradise” in Persian. See what I did there? Combined a restaurant review with a short language lesson. Educational in every way!

This lovely home plot serves as the perfect location for the outdoor Middle Eastern restaurant. The timber and stone structured patio gives a rustic feel and the open-air layout allows for continuous fresh breeze while you’re enjoying your meal. Vibrant colors decorate the table linens and colorful glass fixtures softly light the restaurant by night. Exotic music plays quietly in the background to help add a little Middle Eastern flair to the ambiance. The décor has just enough unique details to make you feel like you’re miles away yet, at the same time, remains muted enough not to distract you.

Pardis is a medium-sized restaurant with an estimated capacity of 75-100 people. I would highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner! By day, the covered patio keeps you shielded from the hot sun or seasonal rains while the outdoor setup allows for a nice draft of clean air. By night, lanterns line the stone pillars to add a warm glow creating an ambiance perfect for a group dinner or romantic date. Stick around for a post-dinner nightcap and enjoy their lawn seating with some shisha. Their shisha bar is open nightly until Midnight after the restaurant closes at 10:30 p.m. and runs at 15,000 UGX.

Pardis - Hummus

The food at Pardis is amazing. The menu is authentic and all dishes are incredibly fresh. I appreciate the fact that they offer a variety of lighter salad options as well as larger meat dishes. My friend swears by the Arabica Salad complementing it’s great flavor and value for the portion size (8,500 UGX). This variety in the menu allows it to cater to both a lunch and dinner crowd.

Let’s dig further into the menu, shall we? Prepare your taste buds for the Pardis experience by starting with their Persian tea (6,000 UGX per pot) and Mixed Mezza appetizer which includes a sampling of some of their best items on the menu: hummus, moutabel, labneh, tabbouleh, and more. It runs 19,500 UGX but is great for sharing. Other favorite starters include the classic hummus (pictured) at 11,000 UGX and the dolmah 8,000 UGX.

For the main portion, I really enjoy the shawarmas! They offer chicken or beef options ranging from 9,500 – 17,000 UGX depending on the size as well as a mixed plate priced at 19,500 UGX, which is a very large portion. Other items include falafel, kebab dishes, and various fish, chicken, lamb, or beef entrees ranging from 15,000 – 25,000 UGX.

Pardis - Shwarma

If you can practice self-control with the overabundance of pita bread throughout the night, they offer yummy dessert options to complete your meal. Fruit salad, cream caramel, bananas foster, and house-made ice cream cost in the 8,000 – 10,000 UGX range.

While I realize that this is a mostly glowing review, I feel obligated to at least mention that the service is just average. The waiters don’t really engage with the patrons or check in with you often. While it’s not exactly bad service, it’s just not that impressive.

Let’s wrap up on a positive note. Every time I dine at Pardis, I have an extraordinary experience in terms of enjoying the food and atmosphere. If you’re a fan of authentic Middle Eastern food, you will adore this place!

Hours: Daily 11:30 am – 10:30 pm, Closed Tuesday (The shisha bar stays open until midnight.)
Address: Plot 12 Philip Rd. (corner of Philip and Mabua) Upper Kololo Terrace, Kampala
Phone: 0712 872 555


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