Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge

Mythos Greek Taverna

Kololo is just full of good restaurants these days and the new Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge certainly earns its place on the hill! The food is delicious and authentic and the ambiance is the closest you’ll get to Greece anytime soon. They just opened last December and currently don’t have clear signage out front so you just have to know where it is! They’re located on the plot right between The Lawns and Nanjing restaurants on Impala Avenue in Kololo.

Mythos’ open-air, breezy dining room is lined with tall columns, crisp white table linens, and lovely blue accents. Soft instrumental tunes play in the background while you enjoy your complimentary pita flatbreads with Tzatziki dip and salmon spread. I think I’m still dreaming about their delicious pitas!

Not only is the décor spot on, but I really enjoyed the added comfort items. Even though the restaurant is open-air, they still have ceiling fans spread throughout the room to ensure you’re comfortable even on a still, hot day. Also, you’ve got to give them a high-five for having bug zappers hung around the outer edges of the dining room. Flies and mozis can really ruin a dining experience! One can only hope that more local restaurants will follow their lead. Their attentive and professional waiters provide great service and really add to the overall experience.

Shifting focus to their undeniably delicious menu, it’s pretty simple and straightforward in that they only offer Greek food. Can you imagine?! A restaurant that actually focuses in on a genre and nails it! Chef Yiannis prepares a meze menu of small starter dishes that features items like Calamari, Halloumi, Tzatziki, and the Greek Salad. Meze prices begin at 9,000 UGX and range up to 20,000 UGX. At dinner with friends? You can share the Mythos Special Meze for either two or four people, priced at 50,000 and 75,000 UGX respectively.

Mythos Greek Taverna

For your main course, I recommend trying the Mousaka, which is available as a vegetarian option or with minced beef. It’s kind of like a Greek version of lasagna with multiple layers of meat, veggies, cream, and cheese. It’s wonderful! We also tried the Spinach & Feta Cheese Pie which was also very good. The so-called “pie” is actually five smaller rolled pastries of spinach and feta in perfectly textured filo crust with a dipping sauce. Both of our dishes came with a simple side salad of cucumber, tomato, and red onion. I really appreciated the fact that it didn’t come heavily lathered in some mayonnaise-based dressing. Instead, the waiter brings out olive oil and vinegar so you can dress it yourself.

All of their entrees are priced from 24,000 – 35,000 UGX. It’s definitely on the pricier end for lunch, but worth every Shilling. The portions are quite generous so consider splitting a meze and sharing the entrée! They highlight a Greek Specialties menu, which offers authentic recipes, or choose from their meat selection of chicken, beef, or pork souvlakis and classics such as steak and pork chops. They also offer a small fish selection made from fresh catches such as Nile perch, Tilapia, and specially-delivered Calamari.

After enjoying a full meal, enjoy a Greek coffee and share some Baklava. Believe me, you’ll be very full and may need a little caffeine jolt afterwards! As another option, head into their super cool bar and lounge area for one of their cocktails by Mixologist Jono Mayes. According to their menu, he’s had experience in the UK, Europe, and Africa mixing drinks and drawing inspiration from each place. Cocktails will cost you 18,000 UGX but they also offer a well-stocked bar if you fancy something else. Whether you go for the authentic food or their fancy, fun cocktails, Mythos offers the perfect setup for a good time!

Hours: Daily, Noon to 11 pm (bar stays open later)
Address: Plot 18 Impala Rd., Kololo
Phone: 0793-999-666 and 0790-916-183


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