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As a month ticks by in my second work stay in Kampala, the differences of my home country become pretty evident. (I’m from Norway, don’t judge the name). Some negative, some positive. Positive is easy; the weather. 28 Celsius over -8 Celsius any day, right? But the negative is very subjective and personal. Some complain about the obvious features, such as the traffic, the red dust or densely lighted streets in the evening. Some find constant bargaining with boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) to be annoying, or the fact that wifi tends to be slower than the Western ideal more often than not.

Me? I don’t care about all that. It’s just all part of the romantic notion of living in a developing country. Life is harder here, just fair that it applies for everyone.

But there is some negative in my subjective reality too. The cuisine. Something is missing. More specifically, I like salmon. Simple Norwegian salmon. I can put that pink meat in my mouth any day of the week (no pun intended!).

mammamia-pizzeria-2Ways of the universe are unique, because a Norwegian friend recommended the in-house Pizzeria of Hotel Speke. He’s an old-school dude who remembered the Hotel Speke as something like the journalist-hub-to-be-at in Kampala. Much like Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, or any other fancy hotel in a city with high potential for brawl at any time. Now he hadn’t been there since 1998 (hence the “old-school”), but I thought I’d give the place a shot. I work at EADB-building in Nakesero, so it’s not much of a walk anyway, right around the corner.

And what a shot it was! First surprise was the fact that they had a pizza named “Norwegian”. As a small country of few people, we giggle over recognition like that, much like when any Hollywood-celebrity actually says Norway, instead of confusing us with Sweden or Denmark (or just “the country Scandinavia”).

The second surprise was that they claimed the pizza would be covered in genuine norwegian salmon. A salmon pizza, for those who don’t know, is a bold dish to whip up. The salmon has to be proper fresh, and you have to know what you’re doing.

And boy did they know. You know that comatose condition you get after a perfect meal? Well, that times 8 or 9 happened. It was fantastic.

Did I notice how the service was?
Did I notice the interior, or judge the “overall dining experience”?
Did I explore the rest of the menu?
Will I?
Also no.
Norwegian pizza.

Two thumbs up // 10outta10 // dice-throw 6

Positive: Don’t make me repeat myself.

Negative: First restaurant in Kampala I’ve experienced not having the 18 % VAT fee included in the listed prices (I’ve been to 40-something restaurants in Kampala). Instead they surprise you with it on the bill. In addition to a 5% service charge. Weak way to hustle.

Hours: 6 am – 11 pm
Address: Plot 7-9 Nile Avenue, Kampala, Uganda
Phone: +256 (0) 752711709 / +256 (0) 414259221


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