Soho Café

Soho Cafe

Located on the first floor of a commercial business building this café is every bit the corporate dream. It actually reminds me of a modern, minimalist café chain in London or Berlin and it wouldn’t seem out of place to find men and women in suits talking loudly about closing very important deals.

Probably summed up in their own description of themselves on twitter (after all who would know better) as an ‘urban cafe offering an intercontinental menu’. In terms of food they literally seem to serve a bit of everything from the continental chic with cheese platters and croque monsieurs to things of the Asian persuasion including Japanese yakitori and satay.

Latte - 5,000 UGX

They have salads for between 10-16,500 UGX and I can personally recommend the chicken and aubergine salad, sandwiches from 12,500-16,000UGX, burgers (13-17,000 UGX), grilled meat dishes, local fish dishes including tilapia and nile perch and even, quite randomly, tacked on the end of the menu smoked salmon sushi (18,500 UGX its)!?

Wednesdays see their special ‘Wine Wednesday ‘ offer with a 15% discount on house wine (red or white) and 50% off selected beers and on Sunday evenings they often have special Jazz performances.

As it is a café it also does a good selection of hot beverages with coffees ranging between 5-8,000 UGX, a mixture of teas and even a huge selection of “Irish” drinks…i.e. filled with booze – these include such ingenious mixtures as ‘Irish Cream Coffee’ and ‘Sweet Irish Coffee’. Bizarrely they’ve even extended this craze to teas with the ‘Colonial Boy’ which includes black tea, angostura bitters and Irish whisky…probably says all you need to know about Uganda’s colonial era right there!

Chicken & Aubergine Salad

If you’re looking for something to accompany your boozey irish afternoon bevvie they also do a selection of baked goods and pastries including fruit scones (3,000 UGX), croissants, chocolate mud cake (10,000 UGX) and banana bread as well as probably Kampala’s most sophisticated ice-cream flavour, including frangellico and amaretto.

Other drinks on offer are smoothies (12,000 UGX) something called a ‘frostie’ which is similar to a starbucks frapuccino, milkshakes (9,000 UGX) and fresh fruit juices.

For an idea of what’s on offer (although not the full menu) you can check out their online menu on their (recently revamped) website.

Happily they also offer takeaway and delivery which is particularly handy for those days when you’re snowed under at work and don’t have a chance to pop out and eat.

Hours: 7am – 11pm
Address: Plot 26, Yusuf Lule Road, Course View Towers
Phone:  0392 964 011


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