Jazz Ville

When I finally made my first visit to Jazz Ville Bugolobi, for a night cap after a friend’s birthday dinner, my expectations were undone. The enormous thatch-roof canopy that covers the bar and stage was impressive. The lighting was fun. The whole place was, in a word, charming.

Which I did not expect. I hadn’t been impressed with the online presence or the high cover charges for things like “Boyz II Men Tribute Night” or, to be honest, the name of the venue. But sitting on the upper level, listening to good music with some friends, I was enjoying myself. And I came back again later that week for a more thorough experience.

My second trip was on a Wednesday night with some friends, and Rock/Blues band Bonobo Love was scheduled to play. We took a table in the bar area, under the huge thatched shelter, and ordered drinks and burgers. Or my friends ordered burgers. When they finally came my friends said they might be the best burgers they had found in Kampala.

The band played throwback American rock ‘n’ roll that, although not jazz per se, hit the spot. There is live music at Jazz Ville at least three nights per week, with a couples night on Tuesday. The menu is continental and well-prepared. The drinks are standard Uganda.

The whole of Jazz Ville that Wednesday night, and any night really, is just a bit more than the sum of those parts. If you’re looking for a place for an evening that is fun and relaxing, a good place for music and conversation, Jazz Ville is an easy recommendation.

Hours: Noon to midnight every day.
Address: Bandali Rise, 7026 Kampala
Phone: 0777 999 887 / 0700 550 600


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