Hotel Le Petit Village

Le Petit Village

Part of the ‘Le Chateau’ complex in Nsambya which includes a branch of Kampala’s best butchery Quality Cuts (that also makes some spot on sandwiches in actual crispy baguettes), a Belgian restaurant serving such traditionals as mussels and chips, and in my opinion probably Kampala’s best patisserie (just try their chocolate mousse/cakey thingy…). All this meant my inaugural visit to the hotel had a lot to live up to.

Le Petit village should probably be described as a ’boutique hotel’ as it has only 12 rooms of double or twin beds. I say rooms – they’re in fact more like mini self contained thatched cottages grouped around a small oval swimming pool. Unlike a lot of the other Kampala hotels, their pool is for members (aka hotel guests) only daaahling. Mind you, you would struggle to fit more that about 15 people round it anyways!

The hotel complex is run by a Belgian/Rwandan couple (the Rwandan wife being in charge of the hotel part). The rooms come equipped with en suite bathrooms, areas with partition walls separating out all the different areas, flat screen TVs, free wifi and your own little terrace. Executive suites also have a mini kitchenette area and junior suites have bathtubs. It is definitely not on the cheaper side of the market with their cheapest rooms (the suite rooms) starting at US $179 (once you add on the 18% taxes and a random $2) for single occupancy and the most expensive executive apartments are US $220 for one person. So the cheapest possible two person stay will cost you $170 + 18% + $2).

Rooms are decorated in, in their own words – “Safari Chic rustic elegance” – whatever that means. I am assuming the rustic part refers to the many ethnic style tapestries on the wall, with the chic being the 20 inch plasma and perhaps the safari element comes from the roof thatching (?) as I definitely didn’t see any lions or giraffes wandering around. The rooms, however, are definitely very beautiful and sufficiently swanky to make you feel truly spoiled and pampered, something which I think is essential in any room costing more that $20 a night to make it worth it! The fact that it’s set a bit off the road it its own mini complex also makes it a great place to escape the craziness that can be Kampala.

Also included is breakfast in the very tasty Le Chateau restaurant including options like scrambled eggs and pancakes. Other bonuses include the fact the fridge is stocked with free water (x2), soda (x2) and beer (x2) and that they bring around a complimentary glass of bubbly in the evening!

Le Chateau is handily located right opposite a Uchumi supermarket if you do decide to use the kitchen facilities provided (i.e microwave, electric cooker and fridge!) or just need snacks to watch your plasma screen with. Its also about a five minute boda/taxi drive from the Kabala Gala area if you’re looking for a lively night out or some good restaurants and about two minutes up the Gabba road in the opposite direction is the Friday craft market, the cheapest craft market in Kampala, for all your souvenir needs.

I have had a few friends who have actually spent a night here and all rate it very highly, saying only wonderful things about it. Only one said they had slight problems with their reservation on arrival but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out.

All in all a very good option for a luxury (but not Serena-esque, rob a bank, luxury) stay in Kampala.

Address: Plot 1273, Ggaba Road
Phone: +256 312 265 530


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