Do you have a blog or website about living in Kampala or Uganda? We want to hear about it and share it with our readers. Just add a link to us on your site and send us your details and we’ll do the same. Or don’t and we’ll add you anyways, just get in touch!

  • Bodaboda Baby – A very entertaining photo gallery and blog of Kampala’s bodaboda drivers.
  • Diary of a Muzungu – “Records the highs and lows of a British woman living and working in a developing country. Culture shock, my (mis)interpretation of Ugandan culture and African society, expat life, wildlife experiences and adventures,” and all that good stuff.
  • For the Love of Wonder – Features lovely photography and reflections of living in Kampala and traveling throughout East Africa. You’ll also discover delicious recipes made with locally available, natural ingredients as well as DIY crafting inspiration.
  • Rose & Fitzgerald – Stunning photography and stories that really capture the exotic beauty of living in and exploring Uganda.
    (The kind of photos we want to show family and friends so they know we’re living the dream!)
  • Thomas White Photography – A photo a day from all around Uganda. A great way to get a taste of the beauty on offer here!