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Congo Gorilla Safari TOURS

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In the entire East Africa, Gorillas are primate species that are most endangered and sought after. They live in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Gorillas are interestingly known to be the largest existing primates on this entire earth. With the CONGO Gorilla safari tours, you can spot Eastern Lowland gorillas, the Western Lowland Gorillas and the Mountain Gorillas. Tourists visiting Congo to witness nature’s lovely beasts, Gorilla, are simply mesmerized by the natural surroundings. Anyone visiting Congo seems to be enchanted by the heavenly scenery. Congo is divided by the Congo River which is 4700kms. In fact, Congo is the home to largest number of Gorillas and harbors mostly the western lowland gorillas. To enjoy the scenic landscape and view these huge gorillas, tourists must take up safari tours.

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