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Business prayer My experience with Jama was the most sub experience I had ever had with any form of healer, spiritual or otherwise, and it was by far the most powerful. I went to see him because he crossed my path in an interesting way, as I’m sure he did yours. I had just emptied my bank account, I had been feeling the throbbing pain in my heart center for a number of weeks, I was disillusioned with my coaching practice, and I didn’t know what I was going to do next.During the session, I didn’t feel anything, see anything, hear anything, or feel anything change. When the session was over, I was sad. I didn’t know what I was expecting, perhaps a more psychedelic experience. I thought “the magic” didn’t work on me. Jama didn’t give me any special instructions or answers, there was no big a-ha moment, the only thing I noticed was that I did feel loved, and not alone. It was very subtle. My heart hurt a little less. HE told me to “give it a minute.”Over the next ten days, things started to change. My heart stopped hurting, I had a breakthrough in my business and the money started to come in, I found a lot of joy in a new business idea, and it’s thriving (today marks twelve days since our session). I don’t know what happened in our session, but my whole life, I had always felt alone. I didn’t really feel loved. That was all I got from our session, and it’s the biggest and most profound gift I have ever received in my life.Ever grateful.

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