Gyms in Kampala

Gyms in Kampala

When it comes to staying fit in Uganda, there are almost endless options. From yoga to Zumba to workout classes to biking and mountain clubs, finding something to fit your needs and schedule is fairly easy. But what about those of us who simply want to go lift weights, log some time on the treadmill, and then move on with our day? Well, we scoured the city in view of the best deals and finest facilities to get you moving. Here’s what we found.

High End

For those seeking a luxurious exercise experience, you will not be disappointed in Kampala. Fitness machines with televisions, DSTV, the latest monitors, and safety equipment very much exist. For those willing to plunk down the cash, head to the world of the Speke Resorts. Kabira Country Club in Bukoto and Munyonyo Resorts near Buziga all have state of the art exercise rooms full of treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and a myriad of weight lifting options. For 20,000-30,000 UGX you can use these facilities all day. This fee also includes Olympic size swimming pools, sauna, and steam rooms.

Other options for high end sweating include Rivonia Suites in Mbuya. This apartment complex features a number of machines with built in DSTV, kickboxing equipment, weights and walls of mirrors for those who like to watch their form. The price per use is 35,000 UGX, although memberships are available.

Medium Range

The Sheraton presents an affordable option for those who enjoy a bit of luxury, and for 15,000 UGX you can use their relaxing pool, steam, sauna, and gym equipment for the day. However note that it can get relatively busy depending on the number of guests.

Dolphin Suites, owned by Speke Resorts, rests in the leafy suburbs of Bugolobi and for 15,000 UGX you are welcome to use their facilities for the day. The pool isn’t great for laps, as it is round, however it does make for excellent sunbathing. Their gym, steam and sauna are kept up well and the staff is quite attentive. However, it should be noted their workout room is somewhat small.

Garden City Fitness Center is also a great choice for those who work near town. Their equipment is up to date, and the staff is friendly and efficient. There is also a pool; however it is fairly small for lap swimmers. Still, this one has been a Kampala mainstay for some time for a reason. The cost is 25,000 UGX per day, or memberships are available.

Inexpensive Options

Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. For instance, take a look at Gorilla Strength Training Gym just off of Port-Bell Road in Mbuya. A set up ran by a Ugandan man and an American woman, this gym is meant to cross both racial and gender lines, inviting all into a comfortable atmosphere that includes tons of weightlifting equipment, a treadmill, a bike and one shower. The cost of a daily visit can range from 3-5,000 UGX, which is an incredible deal for those looking to save some money on their fitness.

C&C Health Club in Ntinda is another fairly well known gym that has been around for years. They have a fairly good selection of weights and a few treadmills; however some people complain that frequent power outages mean the use of equipment is often diminished. The cost here is 10,000 UGX.

And to finish off this list we must include the Boxing Club of Kampala. Located next to the old mosque in Nuguru, this place is an old school, bare bones, fitness club that will send you skipping rope and punching bags. It is welcome for both men and women and training usually takes place in mornings and evenings. The cost is negotiable, but shouldn’t run more than 10,000 UGX a lesson. Leaving you fit, strong, and holding onto a little extra spending money.

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