Health Care in Kampala

Health Care in Kampala

When you’re looking for a specific service in Kampala, it can feel like an endless task. Need an X-ray? Women’s Clinic? MRI? Or even surgery? Finding reputable care can feel like a fruitless search. Luckily none of these are impossible to find. From the basics to high end medical care, we have your options down.

The Surgery

Perhaps the most well known of all clinics, The Surgery has moved to its new location in Nuguru and the facility has taken a serious upgrade. This is the go-to place for vaccinations, post exposure prophylaxis for rabies, amoeba checks, bilharzias checks, malaria checks and all the fundamentals of good health. They have a modern lab on the premises that can analyze all your data and hand you a remedy, usually within an hour.

The Surgery also supplies visitors with X-Ray and ultrasound/obstetrics. For women seeking a physical, a female doctor is on staff that is trained in gynecological health. They also offer MRI/CT scan analysis, but outsource that work to a nearby imaging center. There is also a 24 hour ambulance is on call at: 0752 756 003

Victoria University Health Center

Located on Kira Rd, near the Uganda National Museum, Victoria University Health Center is a bright, modern, and clean facility. This multi-story building offers a number of services including blood scans, gynecology, pediatrics, and immunizations. They also offer minor surgery, digital X-Ray, ultrasound, and ECG/echocardiography. Upstairs is a dental clinic, and a lab, so most of the blood/urine/stool work is done on site.

Specialists in physiotherapy, ENT service, cardiology, orthopedics, sonography, cervical/prostate cancer screenings, and antenatal care are also on board, although they don’t work every day so it’s important to call and schedule an appointment with the particular specialists.

AAR Uganda

AAR Uganda has a number of health clinics around the city from Muyenga to Ntinda. They mostly cater to corporate insurance carriers; however they also take walk-ins from the uninsured. In their clinics they offer all general practitioner services including malaria, bilharzia, and amoeba testing. They also offer counseling in women’s health, pregnancy, and evacuation insurance for those with catastrophic conditions.

International Hospital Kampala

International Hospital Kampala is located in the Kisugu-Namuwongo area of Kampala. They handle a number of issues that can range from everyday pediatrics to emergency care. They have extensive labs within their system, and because of this can test and care for a number of different conditions. With specialists in dermatology, radiology, internal medicine, oncology and cancer surgery, and cardiology, they can address a multitude of illnesses. They are also equipped with ambulances and trauma rooms that can take care of surgeries and intensive care issues. Their ambulance can be reached at: 0772 200 400 or 0712 200 400.

Nakasero Hospital

Located on Nakasero Hill, the Nakasero Hospital has numerous services including outpatient and inpatient clinics. They are open 24 hours for walk-ins and trauma, and also offer specialists in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, neurology, endocrinology, internal medicine, reconstructive surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery.

This hospital takes on a number of highly serious cases, including trauma, emergency surgery, and life support. Because of this, for the average malaria concern, you might want to steer clear. That said, if you’re looking for someone to perform surgery on a twisted leg after a boda accident, this might be the place to go.

Hopefully you’ll never need half these services during your time in Kampala. However, it’s always good to know ahead of time where you can go when push comes to shove. So if you end up breaking your ankle running away from a hippo, or simply wanting to ensure you’re bilharzia free before you return home, Kampala has what you need.


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