Eating Sweets in Kampala

Eaying Sweets in Kampala

Sweets, desserts, cakes, pies, crème… these are important parts of life. Okay, it’s not on par with say, food, water, and shelter, but desserts do have their role to play. In almost every culture, sweet treats are used at important events: marriage ceremonies, to mark ones birth, or to celebrate a life passed. They might not be essential to human existence, but they are part and parcel to the human experience. So today we celebrate sweets. More specifically, where to order the best desserts, where to find the best pastries, and how to order a proper cake in Kampala. I won’t lie, this was exhausting research (for my tailor), but it must be done for the good of the people. So without further ado, let’s talk about butter, sugar, and deliciousness.

As far as restaurants go, there are a few clear frontrunners in Kampala. These places tend to put extra effort into their dessert selection and rarely let you down. The all around winner in the taste test was Il Patio Restaurant. The service there is amazing, but their crème brûléeis absolute perfection and the tiramisu is equally delicious. A close second would be Cafe Roma, with their creamy ice cream and their award-worthy affrogatos and apple crumbles. They also serve a passion fruit panna cotta that is so fantastic I’ve eaten a dinner there just for that particular course. However, it must be said, their chocolate cake isn’t nearly as good as their other desserts. But in the battle of Italian eateries, may we also present Mediterraneo. Their dessert menu is consistently delightful and the chocolate mousse and profiteroles are creamy and presented beautifully. Le Petit Village also gets honorable mention for their go at classic European desserts, as does The Little Donkey because their churros and dipping sauce are incredible.

Now we head into another category. I call it the battle of the bistro! These aren’t always dinner restaurants, although many serve perfectly delightful food. But are we in the market for perfectly delightful food? I mean, maybe in a bit, but what we’re actually after is some chocolate, nougat, caramel covered nonsense. So lets get to it.

Bean Cafe is a great frontrunner to start with. Located on Ggaba Rd. in Kansanga, this cafe has worked its way into the hearts and stomachs of Kampala’s residents with its home baked goods. And this is not a platitude. These cakes are actually made in the home of the owner, and then transported to the cafe every morning. They are consistently moist and packed with flavor.

In Forest Mall, La Royal Patisserie offers a beautiful display of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and treats. Not only does the presentation remind patrons of pastry shops back home, the desserts there have a certain amount of care put into them, which comes out in flavor. For cupcakes and cheesecake, New York Kitchen in Garden City has a delightful spread of goods that have a classic Americana style to them. Prunes also presents a selection of cupcakes and cakes. Although a bit pricier than the competition, they come in a variety of flavors and the texture on them is incredible. Cafe Javas also must be brought up for their desserts. Their brownies are huge, and while they are not cheap, they are so moist and chocolaty; it’s hard to imagine them being done better.

Then, of course, there are the cake makers of Kampala. A few companies can boast a high-end reputation. Temptations Cake Shop at the Sheraton is well known, as is the Cakelady Company in Ntinda. They can create confections that range from simple birthday cakes to high-end, multi-tier wedding cakes. It should also be noted here that The Bean Cafe and Cafe Javas also will create cakes on special order, and Le Patisserie at Quality Hill Nsambya will forge one out of imported Belgian chocolate.

No matter where you go to satisfy your sweet tooth, Kampala offers a wide variety of excellent sweets. From simple brownies to imaginative sculptures, we are a city that enjoys the good life. So next time you’re out and that craving begins to rumble in your stomach, take a trip to one of our many pastry and cake shops, and dig in. And if you’re ever feeling guilty due to such indulgence, make sure you check out our series on exercising in Kampala. Don’t worry; we have you covered. Now go eat some cake!

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