Wifi Options in Kampala

Wifi in Kampala

Nowadays you’ll find that most western-style cafes, restaurants and hotels in Kampala will offer wifi, either for a small fee or more usually for free when you order something. This is good news for all you freelancers/backpackers/Twitter obsessed people (Twits?) as it means you’ll rarely be far from internet access.

One word of advice – Due to Kampala/Uganda’s somewhat patchy and unpredictable power supply it’s a good idea to bring a surge protector out with you if you are going to be powering your laptop off the mains as when the power goes out and generators come on this can really (permanently) mess up your computer!

Below are a number of places located around central Kampala that generally offer good speed wifi as well as a nice spot to while away the time.


  • Café Javas (various locations across Kampala including Oasis shopping mall, Bombo road and Namirembe) 30 minutes free (but with unlimited codes , so essentially free wifi) available at the Namirembe/ Old Kampala branch. I’ve always had good connection and a relatively fast internet at Java’s and with a seriously powerful A/C (at times too much so that you might be advised to bring a jumper along just in case) it’s a good place to get work done out of the heat. In the Namirembe branch they’ll even provide you with a surge protector if you’ve forgotten yours. There’s a fair number of wall sockets – i.e. as a rule 2 to every booth but booths can fill up pretty quickly around peak times so make sure to get there early if you’re laptop is low on juice.
  • Soho Café – This modern swanky coffee shop on Yusuf Lule road also offers free Wifi for patrons and is usually not too busy during the day, except for the few business-types holding very important meetings over a latte and a muffin. There are a few wall sockets dotted around inside and (I’m assuming because it is located inside a high-rise business building with people who actually really need internet access) it has good reliable and relatively fast Internet access.

Kololo/Acacia Avenue

  • Mish Mash – Free wifi, just ask for the code which gets changed every day. I have had occasions here where either they’ve never got round to bringing me the code or it hasn’t seemed to work but when it is working its one of the stronger and quicker internet connections around. Power sockets are limited and not always the most conveniently placed so again a good idea to get there early to make sure to you get a good table. Generally one of the nicest locations to do your surfing… just don’t be one of those people who spends their Friday evenings here on Facebook is all I ask… there is a fine line between ‘virtual’ life and actually ‘having a life’.
  • Bubbles O’Leary – Best known as the notorious and rather sleazy, but strangely alluring late night spot for Muzungus across Kampala. (One friend described it as ‘reeking of arrogance’…) On a less known note, however, Bubbles also offers free wifi during the day, and (you’ll be happy to know) a slightly less crazy crowd. Go during the day and you’ll actually find it quite deserted and not a bad place to get down to some hardcore surfing.
  • The Lawns – Another venue with free wifi if you order there. The lawns is primarily a restaurant so I’m not sure how keen they are on you setting up shop for the day, but saying that, it also means you get to have some very tasty (if not the cheapest) meals while you work. Also on the plus side is that the lawns has one of the nicest settings of the restaurants/bars in Kampala with some nice big sofas in their garden. This does mean that finding power sockets is difficult but if you’re fully juiced up you do get a lovely view.
  • Prunes – One of the most recent additions to the Kampala coffee scene Prunes is located on Wampewo Avenue and offers free wifi. It even has a small and quiet back room perfect for meeting or working and the coffee here is some of the best in Kampala! As with many of the wifi cafes there aren’t a huge number of plug sockets so make sure your battery is well charged and be warned that it can get pretty busy at lunch time (although time will tell if this is just due to its newby status or whether they can maintain popularity).

Oasis Shopping Mall

  • Mokka – Free internet access in Mokka Terrace is ressricted by a code which is provided if expenditure is over 5,000 UGX. I purchased a Latte for 7,000 UGX and got 1hr 40 minutes worth of access. I used the internet at 3.30PM and it was cripplingly slow. There were over a dozen other users though which would not have helped.
  • Kawa Café – Located inside the Oasis Cineplex, they actually advertise their free wifi which I think, therefore, makes it legitimate to spend the whole day there using it! Just opposite the entrance to Aristoc bookshop they have some great comfy couches and the fact that its tucked out the way also makes it a good place to get some peaceful work done The connection here, however, is panfully slow and once again power plugs are limited.


  • Endiro – Free wifi and good coffee, Endiro is also a nice place to surf the information highway for a few hours. Again Wifi bandwidth and speed is pretty low so no downloading any epic, Lord of the Rings-esque movies here. There are a couple of sockets outside (but beware the dusk mosquitos if you plan to spend a bit of time here) otherwise the inside is pretty small with very limited to access to power sockets. On a good note a number of the other bars within the Kisementi complex (like Just kicking) also offer free wifi so you can always move around if necessary.
  • Just Kicking – Free wifi. Just Kicking is better known as a sports bar and can get pretty packed for big football games so if you’re coming here to use the internet its worth keeping this in mind and checking the days sports line-up! Being a sports bar its also not the most relaxing/attractive place to spend a day surfing the web, but it is much emptier during the day and if you’re someone with a short attention span then the multiple TV screens could provide a welcome distraction!
  • The Hub –  Located just off Old Kira road (opposite Kara) it sells itself as a premium creative and collaborative workspace. The crowd and style of the place wouldn’t be out of place in East London and its definitely attracts an arty crowd, which could be great for inspiring creativity! It also offers a proper workspace (although does have a small but nice cafe for when you get peckish). For US $15 you get a days worth of internet in their lounge work space or for US $150 you get access for 12 days out of the month and it also gives you storage space and use of their meeting rooms.


  • Gatto Mato (formerly Katch the Sun) – Found on Bandali rise just off spring road this place offers food, drink, shisha pipes and even massages and facials…oh and free Wifi! You don’t even need a password to access WiFi here. Whether a result of this amazing generosity, or more likely – because their service provider isn’t great, connection here is pretty slow – so be warned. There are a number of indoor tables and a handful of power sockets or there are the nice outdoor couches if you’re willing to work off your battery.

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