Moving to Kampala can seem like a scary and intimidating thing, especially if you can’t find any information online to help you on your way. Well… it’s not scary and we plan to make the whole process far less intimidating by providing you with as much useful information as possible about making the move. We felt like online resources for moving to Kampala were seriously lacking… so here we are!

But more than just being a resource for new arrivals to Kampala, we also aim to grow into a community and resource for everyone in this great city! Our goal is to be the site that people turn to for everything they need to know about Kampala and we’d love your help in accomplishing this goal. Please feel free to contact any of our crack writing team or just send out suggestions, comments, whatever to us at info@livinginkampala.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Hi, I’m Tyler, an American social entrepreneur with a passion for using for-profit business models to empower individuals and create opportunity in developing countries. I’m an experienced serial entrepreneur who has been building businesses in Kampala, Uganda since 2008. I’m the founder and CEO of Rocket Products, a leading supplier of logo merchandise in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. And, now this website, Living in Kampala has been added to the list! I love adventure and have traveled to over 40 countries.  Feel free to get in touch with me at tyler@livinginkampala.com.

Hi, I’m Lizabeth, a freelance writer whose been stomping around Kampala for the better part of two years. I came here while pursuing a story and decided never to leave. I’m originally from Seattle and have found refuge in both the sun and the culture of Kampalans (plus I still get the rain when I’m feeling homesick). I feel incredibly privileged to be living in such a diverse country. Whether it’s camping amongst the lions in Kidepo, accepting drinks from priests in Masaka, or bartering for grasshoppers in Kamwokya, I find Uganda unendingly fascinating. I’m always trying to unearth new and interesting stories about Kampala’s culture and development and am so exited to have an amazing platform to explore the city with. I hope to bring a bit of know-how and a bit of fun to Living in Kampala. Feel free to contact me any time at lizabeth@livinginkampala.com.

Hey, I’m Lauren. I’m originally from Kansas – the charming, rectangular state in the middle of the US known for wheat fields, yellow brick roads, and “cow-tipping” (worth Googling). Today I’m what you’d call an “expat by marriage.” I’d made several trips to Africa in my single years but never dreamed that I would actually live here. When my husband and I stepped off the plane in Entebbe in June 2012, I had no idea what I was in for: the breezy traffic on the open road, enjoyable boda rides through the heart of town, or the gentle, lingering smell of exhaust blowing in my face. Ha! Actually, I continue to be amazed by the strong community in Kampala, the arts, the delicious food, and the fun hangs around this town. I’m committed to sharing the very best of Kampala with you through this website. Contact me anytime with your ideas, feedback, or jokes at lauren@livinginkampala.com.

I’m Kirsty and I’m the nerd behind the website. While I’ll throw in the occasional review whenever I make it up to Kampala, I live in Kigali and run the aptly named website Living in Kigali but really don’t know much about Kampala beyond thinking that the city could use a similar website… so here we are! I leave the writing to the Kampala experts but I’m doing lots of cool things behind the scenes. Well, not really cool… more nerdy with the occasional geeky thing thrown in for good measure, but you get the idea. Hope you like the site and if you have any feature suggestions or ideas, get in touch with me at kirsty@livinginkampala.com. If you want to know anything about Kampala, I’m useless to you unless you’re looking for info on the bus trip to Kigali. I hope you find the site helpful!